GREEN-On the Prairie / Jeo Pureun Chowonwie / 저 푸른 초원위에 / 2003

Dizinin bilinen diger adlari:

—On the Prairie
—Home Sweet Home
—On the Green Prairie
—On the Green Fields 


Cha Tae-woong (araba saticisi ):  Choi Su Jong
Sung Yon-ho (çocuk doktoru):   Chae Rim


Gerçek ask içten bir erkek ve erkek fatma bir kiz arasindaki gerçek ask, komik ve dokunakli bir ask hikayesi… Cha Tae-woong, bir araba saticisidir ve oldukça iyimser biridir. Satislarda kendi ilkeleri vardir. Seong Yeon-ho ise bir çocuk doktorudur. Zengin bir ailenin tek çocugudur ve aileasinin umududur. O, dogrucu, sirin ve sicak kalpli bir kizdir.


TV Show:[/b] Over the Green Fields / On the Prairie
Revised romanization: Jeo Pureum Jowonwiae
Hangul: 저 푸른 초원위에
Director: Chan-hong Park
Writer: Ji-woo Kim
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 52
Release Date: January 4 – June 29, 2003
Runtime: 19:50
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Genuine love between a full-hearted man and a tomboy princess, a touching story about a humorous and warm love. Cha Tae-woong is a car sales-man. He is optimistic, candid with a strong conviction.

He can endure a disadvantage but not injusticd. He has the strong will and bravery to face head on and not compromise to justice. He also has his own principle in sales and sticks to it at all costs. This causes him to inflict loss many times, but he believes that momentary gain is less important than his conviction.

Seong Yeon-ho is a pediatrician. She’s an only child of an affluent family and is the hope of the family. With sophisticated looks, she is a self-centered person but also bright. She is an arrogant girl who refuses to be meddled with and does whatever she wants. However, because of forgetfulness and a restless personality, she continually makes. She’s a cute and warm-hearted girl who is truthful.


Cha Tae-woong :  Choi Su Jong
Sung Yon-ho :   Chae Rim


부디 – Z.E.N

눈물흘리지마요 사랑했던 추억들마저
눈물처럼흐른다면 어떡해해요~
아파하지도마요 힘겨웠던 지난 일들이
바람처럼 스쳐와도 어떡해해요~
잠시 눈을 감아요 그냥 꿈속에서 헤어지리란 생각해봐요~~
괜찮아요~돌아올순없어도 언제까지나
나에게는 그대가 전부예요~ 정말 괜찮아요~
부디 보내줘요~ 제발 용서해요~
영원히 너에 곁에서 함께 할테니까요~~~~
잠시 눈을 감아요 그냥 꿈속에서 헤어지리란 생각해봐요
괜찮아요~ 돌아올순없어도 언제까지나
나에게는 그대가 전부에요~ 정말 괜찮아요~
부디 보내줘요~ 제발 용서해요~~
영원히 너에 곁에서 함께 할테니까~~요~~
반복*괜찮아요 돌아올순없어도 언제까지나
나에게는 그대가 전부에요~ 정말 괜찮아요~


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